The Bushland Trust
PO Box 123
Awanui 0451
New Zealand


About the Bushland Trust

The Bushland Trust was registered in 1990 and is a charitable trust operated by volunteers from communities in the Far North of New Zealand. We are dedicated to preserving and restoring the Sweetwater Lakes for the benefit of the community, visitors to the region and future generations.

Our members come from all walks of life - bringing a wide range of skills and experience to the group.

The Aims of the Trust

  • To restore the ecological balance of the lake shores and wetlands and to re-vegetate with eco-sourced and locally grown native plant species.
  • To improve the quality of the waters with filtration zones - against nutrient waste from farm animals, metal roads (lime), household septic tank seepage.
  • To provide an improved environment for wildlife to flourish.
  • To enhance the visible appeal and provide recreational amenities and walkways to benefit the community and visitors to the Far North.
  • To preserve a heritage of native reserve for the future generations.

We welcome the participation of local schools, community groups and individuals in projects such as planting and walkway development.

How you can help

By assisting with:

  • Donations
  • Planting and clearing
  • Raising seeds and growing trees
  • Joining working bees
  • Organising school projects